There are many factors that go into choosing the aircraft that is the best match for you, your family, your corporation or your client. The Everflight Aviation team has an extensive global network and has access to aircraft publicly and privately for sale. We also have the experience to know the right questions to ask to understand current and future aircraft needs. These two aspects come together to source the ideal aircraft for you.

Specific to your buying experience, after an in-depth interview process, we will source available aircraft throughout the world. The Everflight Aviation team will then travel to your aircraft(s) of interest and will broadcast a live feed using our proprietary technology, Everflight Live.

Everflight Live is an unedited LIVE HD broadcast that allows the user to have an immersive experience from the cockpit as Everflight’s pilots take the aircraft through maneuvers to determine its safety and performance. You can also direct the evaluation process and focus on the specifics from the comfort of your home or office without incurring the expense of travel or time away from work. Everflight Live completes the missing part of the buying process by providing an interactive real-time experience that provides unparalleled fidelity to the buying process.

Instead of relying on static photos, you will be able to review the particulars of the aircraft in real-time high-definition and participate in its safety inspection, maintenance history review, and quality grading.