Brokerage Service

Everflight Aviation is a full-service, international aviation brokerage firm. We specialize in the sale and acquisition of corporate jets and turboprop aircraft.

Our qualified team provides individualized consultation throughout the entire buying and selling process. We will travel to most any location in the world to represent your interests in the sale or acquisition of an aircraft and will transport the aircraft to its final destination. To enhance the aviation broker/customer experience, we will also provide you the opportunity to incorporate our innovative technology, Everflight Live, to maximize the marketing of your aircraft for sale or the inspection and aircraft you wish to purchase.


Everflight Aviation is the only aviator broker to offer the Everflight Live technology, which is an innovative tool developed by Everflight Aviation to optimize the marketing of your aircraft during the selling process and enhance the buying experience. Everflight is the first company to conceptualize, implement and market technology of this kind.

Everflight Live is a proprietary technology that goes beyond simple photos posted on a web site or low-resolution picture submitted to a procurement magazine. Everflight Live is a fully produced, LIVE HD broadcast that allows the user to view every detail of an aircraft, right up to the smallest detail. The broadcast allows the client to interact with the host and ask questions about the airplane. It provides closed captioning and can be aired in any language. We take you through a tailored tour of the airplane to highlight the cosmetics and equipment inside and out.

When compared against other marketing tools used by industry brokers, Everflight Live takes aircraft marking to the next level. Buyers see what simple photos either mask or are do not highlight, and are able to ride along as a virtual copilot during a comprehensive test flight to develop a higher level of confidence when purchasing an aircraft “sight unseen” from the other side of the globe.

Aircraft Appraisals

Everflight’s experienced pilots, mechanics and marketing professionals offer complete and detailed aircraft appraisals. Our combination of technical experience and market knowledge allows you to know what your aircraft is really worth.

Feasibility Studies

For organizations and individuals contemplating their first aircraft acquisition, Everflight Aviation is available to conduct a full-service feasibility study. Our professionals will review your company’s aviation needs, financials, and future goals to identify aircraft that are the best match for your needs and budget.

Aircraft Management and Flight Department Audits

For brand new aircraft owners, Everflight Aviation can assist them set-up their flight departments to include hiring pilots and mechanics, renting hangar space and taking care of all the details to make sure your airplane is safe and ready to go when you are.

For more seasoned flight departments, Everflight offers full management as well as consulting services to assess the safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your flight operations. Our experienced professionals are versed in the industry’s best practices and safety protocols and will work with you to identify ways to improve your flight operations.

Personnel Recruitment

Everflight Aviation understands that the foundation of a high-performing flight department is its staff. Our team has contacts throughout the aviation industry and can manage the recruitment, selection and orientation of new staff to create or add to your flight department.

Fleet Planning

Fleet planning is strategic planning for your organization’s flight department. Everflight’s professionals can look at your organization’s strategic planning and identify fiscally responsible strategies to create a fleet plan that will support the growing needs of your organization.