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1997 Citation Jet (CJ)     Serial number 525-203    Registration N33FW

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Total Time: 5018 hours
Total Cycles: 4370 cycles
TAP ELITE fully funded Fresh Doc 10
On Cescom


Rolls Royce Williams FJ44-1A.

Left: 4928 hours since new
     4312 cycles since new
     serial number: 1421
Right: 4928 hours since new
     4312 cycles since new
     serial number:1426


Sperry 2 Tube 5” SPZ-5000 EFIS
Sperry SPZ-5000 Autopilot
Garmin 500 WAAS GPS
Garmin GMX 200 with Safe Taxi/ XM Weather/ TCAS/Charts    /Radar/Terrain
King Ky-196A Comm (2)
King KN-53 Nav (2)
King KN-53 ADF
King KN-63 DME
King KRA-405B Radar Altimeter
TCAS Skywatch 497
RVSM Certified
Quick don oxygen masks
King KT-70Mode S transponder (2)
44 amp NICAD Battery
28 volt outlet at Pilot station


New Paint August 2008. White with Jade Mist ad Black trim.


Beautiful 5 Passenger Beige Leather Interior.
Forward left hand slimline refreshment center.
Aft flushing belted Lavatory.

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