The Industry

A Note About the Aviation Brokerage Industry…

Buying and selling aircraft is a high-risk business and involves a significant financial investment by clients. Unfortunately, the aviation brokerage industry is unregulated, meaning that anyone can set up a web site and begin buying and selling planes without proving their credentials. With safety and large sums of money on the line, clients owe it to themselves to do their research to make sure the company representing them has the experience and education required to meet their needs. Everflight Aviation is a reputable leader in the industry due to our team’s extensive aviation experience and the technology we offer, which ensures an ethical and sound process.

5 Questions To Ask About Your Aviation Broker

  1. Did your aviation broker take the time to understand your aircraft needs including your budget, projected aircraft usage, and future growth plans? Your aircraft broker should have a full understanding of your organization, where it is heading and how an aircraft fits into your overall plan. To assist you in finding aircraft that is the best match, your broker should know how much you plan to use your aircraft, where you plan to fly most frequently, how many passengers will be coming with you, and how much you plan to spend on the purchase and management of your aircraft. With that information, your broker should be able to suggest suitable aircraft and give you a firm estimate of the day-to-day operational costs of managing the aircraft.

  2. Are you working with someone who has significant experience and education in aviation? Does your broker have pilots, mechanics and flight operations professionals on its team? Are these individuals working with you to make recommendations and evaluate aircraft on your behalf?

  3. Is safety, not the sale, the primary objective of your broker? If not, it should be.

  4. Did your broker educate you about the regulatory, insurance, tax, and legal responsibilities of being an aircraft owner? Your broker should be able to give you an overview of the administrative and legal requirements of being an aircraft owner and should refer you to other reputable professionals to assist you in these areas.

  5. Did your broker provide you with references and encourage you to call them? Always ask for and call references. Buying and selling aircraft is serious business. You need to work with someone that is capable and committed to representing your interests throughout the entire process.