Everflight Aviation gives you a competitive edge when marketing your aircraft for sale. We invest significant time and resources into marketing your plane and that investment pays off with the ability to sell your aircraft in a shorter amount of time while working with a satisfied buyer.

Traditionally, the marketing of an aircraft for sale is managed by the posting of simple photos on a web site or placing low-resolution images in a procurement magazine. Everflight Aviation is the only brokerage to offer the Everflight Live technology, which is an innovative tool developed by Everflight Aviation to give our clients a distinct marketing advantage in the selling process.

Everflight Live is Everflight Aviation’s proprietary technology that goes beyond traditional, elementary marketing tactics used in the industry. Rather, it provides a real-time, high-definition, virtual tour of an aircraft, and can accommodate live high-definition broadcasting while in flight. This technology is truly revolutionary as it allows buyers to see all aspects of your aircraft and when compared against other marketing tools used by industry brokers, your aircraft will be reflected as the premier choice to a buyer.

After doing a full international marketing campaign, the Everflight Aviation team will then travel to your aircraft(s) and will install the technology on board to allow for an exlusive and secure, live broadcast to interested and qualified buyers. This live feed would coincide with the potential buyer’s inspection of the aircraft and the test flight. Potential buyers will have an immersive experience from the cockpit as the pilot takes your aircraft through maneuvers to determine its safety and performance. Buyers can also direct the evaluation process and focus on the specifics from the comfort of their home or office. Instead of relying on static photos, buyers will be able to experience the aircraft in real-time and participate in its safety inspection, maintenance history review, and quality grading.

In addition to using Everflight Live technology, we utilize other tools in the multi-dimensional, tailored marketing campaign we develop to sell your aircraft. Rather than using poor-quality photos to showcase your aircraft on brokerage web sites or in other marketing media, we work with leading, award-winning photographers to capture the essence of your aircraft. Your aircraft is then reflected in high-quality images – some even artistic - so potential buyers can see details and all the best features. The photos are accompanied by a description that will be developed by professional copywriters so that the combined package of words and images reflects a higher level than how the sale of aircraft are marketed today.

Special Note: Prior to developing a tailored, multi-dimensional marketing campaign for an aircraft, Everflight Aviation will complete a comprehensive evaluation of the aircraft and will only market and sell those that meet the highest quality and safety standards.